uCoz is a handy user-friendly website builder for everyone who wishes to create fully functional and unique website. The service is provided in 16 languages and thanks to its enthusiastic creative team it’s constantly developed and improved according to users’ needs. With uCoz service you can create personal homepages, corporate websites, blogs and communities, online stores and fan sites, portals, educational or government websites and much more.

A bit of history

uCoz was founded in 2005 and now it has over one million active websites and 150 millions website views per day. Currently this SaaS platform is widely recognized and awarded. It’s Open Web Awards 2009 winner in the nomination Best Site for Publishers, Content Management Awards Winner 2009; Web Host Directory awarded it in the nomination best for Ecommerce etc.

Undeniable advantages

uCoz was created as a system for newbies and professionals so it has functions for both. You can easily create your first website using a visual editor and a block builder. WYSIWYG online editor is the best for beginners and allows creating website pages without specific knowledge. There are the template editor, API, PHP functional and much more for professionals. The core principles of web development such as functionality, usability, flexibility, simplicity, protection against spam and unwanted visitors are implemented in the system.

In terms of designs, uCoz offers more than 20 template categories, which encompass around 400 themes. The quality of templates, however, is not quite high, but it works well for the development of standard websites for personal or business use. The sections are niche-based and allow creating websites for diverse industries users specialize in, be it education, transport, business, real estate, communication and computers to mention a few. The system allows for code editing and it also makes it possible to integrate lots of modules to boost project performance. The modules work as standalone apps meant for different purposes. The can be activated/deactivated with regard to your needs. The most popular and widely-used of them are Site Catalogue, Ad Board, FAQ, Tests, Forum, eShop, social media publisher, users, page editor, blog, photo albums, guest book, site search, web polls, email forms and more.

When creating a website you get a free domain name and if you already have your own domain name you can attach it for free. Possibility to extend the website functionality with the help of PHP, third-party database servers like MySQL, and API is one more essential advantage of this website building tool. Another thing worth mentioning is a professional support you get on uCoz through direct emails or Community Forum.


uCoz offers a great deal of options and functions but there are some limitations too. The main thing that you need to remember is that you cannot use a uCoz account as file storage. One more thing is that you cannot make “doorways” with this platform. Other disadvantages are:

– No personal use of PHP, Perl, ASP etc. scripts

– Not 100% open source

– Ads in free version.

Best for

uCoz is an exceptional tool for everyone who wishes to create a personal homepage, hobby forum or blog. Business enterprises can also use it to advertize their goods and services, present information about themselves or create an online store.

uCoz Templates


How Much Does It Cost?

uCoz offers the users a free version and 5 paid packages. The prices for paid versions are 3.09$, 5.49$, 6.49$, 8.99$ and 10.99$. Pricing vary depending on the disk space, PHP, availability of different modules (like E-shop) and ads placement. Free version offers rather many options and is a great solution for personal homepages or information portals. Probably the biggest disadvantage of this package is advertisement that can be rather annoying. There is an exception for non-profit websites like charity organizations and so on; they can use a free version without advertisement.

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